At the Post

Entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway
Mile Post 0

The horses are in the gate and ready to run!

We arrived in Waynesboro, VA, at the Best Western Waynesboro Inn and Suites this evening in time to survey tomorrow's first leg of Relay with Ray. Maybe I should not have looked. Here's look at the Day 1 Run. The weather won't be awful but spotty light rain will be around Tuesday morning and the temperature will be about 50 degrees when we start.

I say "we" because David Still, Director of Business Development for RaysWeather.Com will run the first couple miles with me.

Each afternoon, after the run I'll post a blog with a basic outline as follows:

  1. Description of the Day's Run
  2. Interesting Things I Encountered
  3. Something about the Town/City where We Are Staying
  4. A Historical Note about Today's Area

The post will have tons of photos available and even a video on some days--GoPro is cool!



6 Comments on “At the Post

  1. Best wishes for a great start today. Just a 20 mile little jaunt. Thanks for what you and the team are doing for the PARKWAY.

    1. We really enjoyed being in Waynesboro and staying at the Waynesboro Inn and Suites (Best Western). Thanks. I can’t believe I’m 160 miles away now!

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