RWR Day 1

Fog, cool temperatures, drizzle, and showers dominated the day, but weather could not keep us from having a great day.

Day 1 Run

David Still started with me a ran a couple miles. The full 20-mile route was pretty tough, 3380 total elevation gain according to the google map. Here's a link to what I did: You'll be amazed at what comes automatically from my watch with the heart monitor attached. I tried to be smart about pacing but got a little exuberant with the TV cameras rolling (explanation below). I had to walk much of the Level 5 climb in the last 2 miles.

Photos and Video

We placed today's photos on Click on the link, then zoom into the north end of of the Parkway in the Google Map to see our photos placed on the map. By the way, you can upload your photos to also; just click on the Photo link and follow the process--it's quick and easy!

Since the weather did not allow great photos--unless you like worms, fog, road-kill, etc., we tried to create some fun videos for you.... (and check out those snazzy socks Sarah Brown at Boone Bike gave me as I was headed out of Boone Monday!)

News Coverage

Day 1 included news coverage from the Staunton News Leader and Charlottesville NBC29 TV. See (I like the video a lot!). The TV story aired the lead headline on their 6 PM news,

Waynesboro, VA

waynesborocookiesWaynesboro has been a great place to start our journey. Many thanks to the nice folks at the Best Western Waynesboro Inn and Suites--comfortable suite, great breakfast, and cookies!

Waynesboro has lots to offer as the meeting point between Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Appalachian Trail.

A Bit of History

Photo from
Photo from
The Humpback Rocks Visitor Center is 5.6 miles from the north end of the Parkway. It is named for a rock outcropping at the top of the highest peak in the area (3080 feet). The outcropping gives a "hump" shape to the mountain when viewed from the west. Many hiking trails crisscross the area; see the Humback Rock Trails map.


The Day 2 run looks slightly easier on paper but there's still plenty of ups and downs. Here's a link to the plan...

4 Comments on “RWR Day 1

  1. Way to go Ray!!! Feeling honored you wore them on Day 1 …way to represent Boone, NC! It seems appropriate your first day’s weather was a dramatic one, too! May need to create a new scale to reflect wet vs dry running shoe days?!? Good Luck!!!

    1. Hey… Those socks made newspaper photos, videos, and even a headline story on the Charlottesville TV station. Thanks!

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