RWR Day 3 – Birdied the Easiest Hole

An important mantra in Golf is to "take what the course gives you." That means don't make a easy hole hard by trying to do too much. Today, may be the easiest day of running on the entire Blue Ridge Parkway, and I birdied it.

Day 3 Run

The day started in ridiculous fog but ended in partly cloudy skies. The BRPWeather.Com forecast for Montebello to James River was spot on. Wow are those guys good! I'm pretty sure I saw the ghost of Stanley Abbott in the thick fog. And absolutely no birds were flying in the fog--I guess only the bats are equipped for IFR conditions.

Today went much better than Day 2. I worked hard to loosen up my tight quad/IT band yesterday afternoon and it paid off today. I started very easy today, protecting the legs for a 10-mile downhill at the end. Having to walk much of that would have been very discouraging. Good news--I cruised through the downhill with very little pain. The last 6 miles averaged a 7:52 min/mile pace; not that I was trying to run fast. I was just trying to run with the least effort with good form, gravity did the rest. Here are the details on today's run...
Overall, I felt surprisingly good at the end of today's run. A good sports massage this afternoon in Lexington should help with the quad/IT Band greatly for several days. 

Photos and Video

Once the fog broke, we were able to take and post lots of photos on To see them, browse to, then on the map, zoom into the north end of of the Parkway from Hwy 60 to just north of the James River. Remember, you can upload your own photos to also; just click on the Photo link and follow the process--it's quick and easy!

We also took several videos. Hope you enjoy. I'll let them tell the story...

A few photos from the day... Again, there's many more on
Cooking for Friends on the Appalachian Trail
Bluff Mountain Tunnel
Bluff Mountain Tunnel
BRP Maintenance Crews
BRP Maintenance Crews

Location Information

 Again today we are being taken care of nicely by the Lexington Historic District Hampton Inn. They certainly live up to their motto, "Where History Meets Hospitality." We liked dinner at Lexington's Southern Inn so much yesterday, we went back again tonight. And ditto the repeat visit to Sweet Things for homemade ice cream.

Parkway Notes

Today's route included my first tunnel, a couple dozen overlooks, intersections with the Appalachian Trail, and a good visit with maintenance guys on their lunch break. I want to reiterate for Superintendent Mark Woods that this photo was at noon, and they were REALLY on their lunch break! The last several miles were a peaceful descent along Otter Creek.


Day 4 will be one of, if not, THE hardest day of the event. I'll climb from 648 ft to 3947 ft in elevation in 13 miles. The day's route goes from the lowest point on the entire Blue Ridge Parkway to the highest Blue Ridge Parkway elevation in Virginia. It will be a long day at the office. Here are the details... The route is from Milepost 60 to Milepost 80--it's going to take a while.

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  1. Hey, Ray! You are a serious runner! We’ll keep up with you and enjoy the beauty while you do all the work.

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