RWR Day 5 – “In the Long Run”

Key words for Day 5 were: flexibility, patience, and gratitude.

Note: Again today, the blog post must be abbreviated. It's been a long day!

Day 5 Run

Today's run was interesting. I started in fog and drizzle. The sun finally broke through in the afternoon. The run started north of Peaks of Otter between Mileposts 80 and 81. It ended near Milepost 106 at the intersection of The Blue Ridge Parkway and Hwy 460, just north of Roanoke.

The run featured 2 very steep descents, so steep that I had to walk most of both in order to protect my cranky left quad. But it also had 3 significant climbs. My legs were pretty tired from the day before, not a surprise. Here's details on the run...

Ranger Holter, I promise I was not speeding!

The Blue Ridge Parkway was closed to traffic from Milepost 91 to 106; however, Park Rangers and Maintenance Staff at the National Park Service allowed me to run through the closure. In fact Ranger John Holter met me at the gate at Milepost 91, and a maintenance staff member stayed with me all the way to the finish.That was an amazing and kind demonstration of support for RelayWithRay! I ran to the end of the closure even though it required an extra 5+ miles.

Photos and Video

Here's the start of the run...

 I did not take many photos today--nose to grind covering the distance. But here are a few: inside the Peaks of Otter Visitor's Center, the Great Valley Overlook at about Milepost 98, and I had to get a photo of Milepost 100!
Peaks of Otter Visitors Center 20160521_125337 20160521_125940


Location Information

We landed tonight in a spacious, comfortable room at MainStay near the Airport and Valley View Mall in Roanoke. Many thanks to Catherine Fox of the Roanoke Convention and Visitors Bureau for helping us with these arrangements.


Since we have worked so hard during the past 2 days, I'm only going 14 miles on Day 6. That will get us to the original goal of Milepost 120. Here are details... We'll cross the Roanoke River and end near Mill Mountain.

4 Comments on “RWR Day 5 – “In the Long Run”

  1. I ran the 10 mile phase of Hunter’s Heroes yesterday. Not as prepared as I wish I had been, the old thighs are sore today. All this has me admiring your efforts even more than I already was. Good luck, my friend. Stay safe and injury free.

    1. Thanks Kinney. Wish I could have joined you guys in Hunter’s Heroes. Staying injury free is the key–the worst part is I have little control over that part. Just trying to play every day conservatively and smart.

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