RWR Day 6 – A Gift from Yesterday

Ray interviewed by WDBJ reporter Christian Heilman
Ray interviewed by WDBJ reporter Christian Heilman

After running 5+ extra miles in Day 5, today was only 14 miles. Today was a beautiful, more relaxed run across the Roanoke Valley that included crossing the Roanoke River (Beautiful!), an interview with WDBJ to be aired beginning Monday morning, and an end on Roanoke/Mill Mountain.

Day 6 Run


The table that was here in the initial blog as been moved to a menu item. See the Stats page. We are updating it daily.

For Fitbit enthusiasts, how about 197,094 steps in 6 days? The average pace for the event so far is 10:30 minutes per mile. Also, my running watch has measured slightly less distance than the mileposts. We will start tomorrow at MP 120.25 (over half a mile farther than my watch says).

Here are details of today's run from my running watch...

Photos and Video

Vinton Weather StationToday we ran by another of the weather stations reporting on BRPWeather.Com. This is the Vinton/Roanoke Station at the Maintenance Facility in Vinton. Tonight, we will catch up on posting photos from the last 3 days at By the way, you can upload your own photos to also; just click on the Photo link and follow the process--it's quick and easy!

Here are two videos: before the start and after the end.

 Location Information

 Our "digs" for two nights is Mainstay Suites near the Roanoke Airport and Valley View Mall. We have thoroughly enjoyed have more room to stretch out and relax. 

Parkway Attractions

Roanoke River as seen from the BRP Bridge.
Roanoke River as seen from the BRP Bridge.
The Roanoke Valley along the Blue Ridge Parkway has much to offer for beauty, views, and attractions. The route today took me over the beautiful Roanoke River (complete with trains, dam, and falls) and past Explore Park and Mill Mountain with trails, overlooks, gardens, trails, and more. Roanoke itself has a beautiful downtown and an impressive weekly Farmer's Market. The Roanoke River Greenways and Trail System continue to grow and is one of the best in the country for a cities of comparable size. I have been coming to Roanoke for 40 years and watched it develop into an impressive, attractive city. 


Well, I hope I feel more rested Monday morning after this lighter day. I'll need all I have to conquer Day 7. The 20-mile route features an 8-mile 1700-foot climb, and 3200 feet of climbing overall. It's going to be another long slow day. Here are the dreadful details...

4 Comments on “RWR Day 6 – A Gift from Yesterday

  1. So glad you had a “lighter” day — we are keeping up with you and cheering you on, and on, and on!

  2. I’m always feeling now like 25K to 30K steps on the Fitbit in one day is celebratory – I can imagine nearing 200K in 6 days is not a record you’ll have many comparing with! Wish we’d had Fitbits back about 35 yrs ago – now that would have been super motivation or else a crueler taskmaster.
    BTW, we’re already thinking your legendary nickname has to be “Parkway Ray”! Keep running smooth and easy, my friend.

  3. Way to go, Ray! We’re pulling for you to have a safe, successful run all the way to Cherokee. Maybe we’ll catch you near Grandfather Mountain. What a great cause!
    Take care.
    Donna and Bill

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