RWR Day 7 – Cautious Success

Day 7 was a mostly uphill run with Bent Mountain the obstacle in the way. I have some pain in my lower left shin; so, I approached the day cautiously--challenged nothing. The run was completed without a significant problem.

I took the chart from yesterday and created a new menu item that will be updated after each day's run. See 

Note: Sorry but again this is an abbreviated post. I'll add to it as soon as time allows.

Day 7 Run

Today's run started just past MP 120 and ended just past MP 140. I came down Mill Mountain to rolling hills. Then about 4.5 miles into the run the ascent up Bent Mountain began. The climb continued to about mile 12.5 following by more gentle terrain for the rest of the run. Here are the details for the run; however, I made a couple mistakes with the watch so minor errors in both distance and timing may exist (less than .1 on distance and less than 1 mile on time)...

The statistics table we published in yesterday's blog is now a permanent part of the site, updated every day. See the Stats page.

Kenny Wingfield
Kenny Wingfield

The neatest part of the run was meeting Kenny Wingfield as he took his arm-powered bike up Bent Mountain. We were close enough to chat for 5 minutes. He has an amazing story, told at Check out his site. He is training for a ride in the Rocky Mountains this summer.

Photos and Video

I took many photos today but have not had time to post them on yet. They will be up soon.

Here are the start and ending videos from today's run...


The Day 8 run looks easier in pixels, rolling but net downhill. Hopefully the left leg is better allowing to challenge the uphills and downhills a little more. Here's a link to the plan...

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  1. Ray, for many of us the challenge would just getting on the road and running at all… Don’t let the left leg stop you. Even if it slows you down… Just remember we are all with you…just a few more miles behind. As you get close to your goal…please keep us updated as it might be possible for a few folks to greet you when you finish…

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