RWR Day 9 – The Heat is On

Day 9 began with much concern over an injury to a muscle in my lower left leg. The injury occurred in Roanoke Sunday and became progressively worse through Tuesday. Good news--I ran very cautiously and it's better this afternoon than the last two days. We had a great day--lots to see, but, someone turned up the thermostat!

Day 9 Run

Today, I ran from Milepost 160 to Milepost 180. We began near Floyd an ended in the REAL Mayberry (see more below). The run had three longer climbs: Rocky Knob, around FloydFest, and just after Mabry Mill. Otherwise rolling hills was the terrain.

Two issues slowed the run...

First, I injured a muscle in my lower left leg Sunday. The injury resulted from running on the left side of the Parkway which has a significant camber and exaggerated sloping in curves. My left foot was consistently landing with the outside of the foot lower than the inside forcing the a muscle just outside the tibia bone to constantly work too hard; it eventually was strained or pulled creating significant pain. I should have known better! Among the modifications today was to run on the right side of the road. That helped much, and the leg (while still very sore) is better this afternoon. I also kept it relatively slowed and walked anything steep (up or down).

Second, the heat is on. Today's BRPWeather.Com forecast called for a high of 78 degrees at Rocky Knob and FloydFest. That's hot for runners. After the first 6 miles, I had to get hydration every 2 miles, and that was really not enough.

For details on the run see...

Photos and Video

The App Ortho Photo of the Day

Mayberry Trading Post
Mayberry Trading Post

We found the REAL Mayberry. Andy Griffith's Mayberry derived it's name from a small community just a 100 yards off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Milepost 180. Griffith and his father made many trips to the Mayberry Trading Post. The community had a post office until 1922. In addition to the Trading Post, there are two churches, a community center, and a few houses.

We placed many photos on See the map on, then zoom into the north end of of the Parkway in the Google Map to see our photos between Floyd and Meadows of Dan. By the way, you can upload your photos to also; just click on the Photo link and follow the process--it's quick and easy!

We uploaded photos of every overlook, Mabry Mill, Rocky Knob, FloydFest, Meadows of Dan. Terrific stuff!

Here are three videos, the typical starting and ending videos plus a third of Ray singing while walking a steep section on the Rocky Knob climb.

Location Information

We are staying in luxury accommodations tonight--Primland. It may be the greatest resort location I have ever seen. The property has 12,000 acres. In addition to an amazing lodge, cottages, and dining, Primland has world-class golf, disc golf, fishing, horseback riding, hunting, mountain biking, trails, a spa, an observatory, tennis, and so much more--truly an amazing place.

Primland Resort
Primland Resort



The Day 10 run will have some of the easiest terrain we have seen in Virginia. Total elevation gain is only 1713 feet. There are two significant climbs: Groundhog Mountain and then between Mileposts 15 and 18. Here are the details...

7 Comments on “RWR Day 9 – The Heat is On

  1. Hope you have a wonderful rest tonight and that tomorrow will be a “healing” portion of the Parkway.

  2. Ray, it may sound crazy, but every once in awhile try walking a few steps backward on as flat as place as possible. Dick

  3. You are fantastic. Glad you have the left let addressed… And Ray, we truly are enjoying following your progress…but not as sure about the singing…

  4. Greetings Ray! You have many cheering you on. I completed my End To End walk of the BRP in the Fall of 2008. I took my time and completed in 42 days with 8 days resting
    You can also find a short 10 min. video on YouTube by searching for “A Miracle at Every Step”.
    Again, Safe Travels, And I will be praying for your Safety. Watch out for those silent bicycles.

  5. We were hiking at Doughton today and I wondered aloud to my husband what effect the heat might be having on your run.
    Safe travels!

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