RWR Day 10 – Low on Fuel

RWR Day 10 is in the books ending at Milepost 200 in Fancy Gap, VA. Issues with the left leg continue to slow me somewhat--but then this is not a race; it's just a matter of mental patience. I made a mistake yesterday affecting today's run, explained below.

Day 10 Run

After a sunny, warm Day 9, Day 10 started with a shower and at least a thin layer of clouds persisted through the day. The clouds were my friends; however, high humidity made for an uncomfortable run. I started a couple miles from Meadows of Dan and for the most part had a pleasant descent to Milepost 168. Then came the climb up Groundhog Mountain and a descent. Miles of rolling hills followed including Volunteer Gap. The run ended with a 3-stage climb then descent into Fancy Gap. Milepost 200 is just east of I-77.

The lower left leg still hurt. I think there were about 50 steps when I was not aware of of the left leg pain, better than the last 3 days.

Things moved along well until about mile 15, at which point, my body was just drained of energy. I just did not eat enough yesterday to fuel this run. Stupid mistake. I gutted out the last 5 miles.

Here are details from today's run...

Photos and Video

The App Ortho Photo of the Day

Puckett Cabin, near Milepost 189
Puckett Cabin, near Milepost 189

The Puckett Cabin is at Milepost 189. The story of "Aunt" Orelena Hawks Puckett has been told many times, but it's just too impressive not to tell again. She lives the end of her 102 years in this cabin. Past the age of 50, she began a career of midwifery, assisting in the birth of more than 1000 babies. She delivered the last in the year of her death, 1939. In spite of delivering so many babies for other mothers, none of her own 24 children survived infancy. Her fee? $1, or when times were good $6, but often received food or goods in lieu of money.

More photos are coming available tonight, posted to BRPWeather.Com.

We made 3 videos today: at the start, a quick first water stop, and at the end.

Location Information

Primland Lodge, Great Hall
Primland Lodge, Great Hall
Rhonda and I are spending our second night at Primland. We enjoyed a great meal at the 19th Pub--after running 20 miles, "casual" sounded like the appropriate dinner venue. With 12,000 acres tucked just below the Blue Ridge, you have to see this place to believe it--so much and so huge. Rhonda took the photo below, this evening at dinner.
View from the back deck of the Primland Lodge at dinner.
View from the back deck of the Primland Lodge at dinner.

Area Around the Parkway

Meadows of Dan, Volunteer Gap, and Fancy Gap each offer several stores, everything from High Country Lavender Store, Nancy's Candy Company (a 30,000 square foot factory included, REALLY GOOD!), general stores, diners, produce stands, antique stores (such as Izzy's Treasure Chest and Treasure Potts Antique and Garden Shoppes), ice cream shops, and more. We found that many owners have retired from jobs elsewhere, moved to this area, and the store is their retirement.
We entered Carroll County, VA, this afternoon. One of RaysWeather.Com's best friends in this area for several years has been Grayson National Bank. They have branches across this region and sponsor our weather stations and web cams in Independence, Whitetop, Wytheville, Galax, and Sparta NC.


Day 11 is our last day in Virginia. I cross I-77 and then climb for a couple miles. The next 14 miles are rolling and net downhill. We pass by the Blue Ridge Music Center. Just after mile 16, I cross into the Old North State and climb to the end. The finish elevation is almost identical to the start. Here are details of the Plan...

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  1. I am so impressed with what you are doing! Loving all of your blog posts! You are a truly inspiring man! Keep on keeping on!

  2. Hoping you have a good day to complete Virginia’s portion and move into NC. Thinking about you!

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