Don Lister Interview

It's been 12 days since I finished running the Blue Ridge Parkway. As a quick update, I'm feeling great physically except for an old injury Achilles tendon attachment injury at the base of my left heel. It was aggravated by all the uphill/downhill in the last 6 days of the run (Crabtree Falls up to Mt. Mitchell down to Asheville, then up to Mt. Pisgah then up to Richland Black Balsam, then down to Balsam Gap and up to Waterrock Knob, then down to Soco Gap, then up for 5 miles, and finally down to Cherokee).

That problem will get better in time. Running injuries are like bad neighbors... The first instance is full of controversy and drama and may require "mediation" (a doctor's intervention). Then you learn to live with each other even though you may not like each other. You learn your boundaries and limits. 🙂

Interview with Don Lister

Before we started #relaywithray, I blogged about Don Lister, the only person to have run the Blue Ridge Parkway previously, in consecutive days. Don was gracious enough to come and run the last two miles with me on June 9. Below is an interview/conversation between the two of us after we finished that day...



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  1. You two guys are great!!! Ray you are an inspiration!! Please have Rhonda send me her address. I have an article she will find very very interesting!!! Congratulations again Ray!

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