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Each day, we are allowed up to 3 runners in addition to Ray. Ray would LOVE TO HAVE COMPANY on the run.

Ray's goal is to run roughly 20 miles per day starting between 8 and 9 AM. If you sign up for a day, we'll keep you informed regarding who else is running and other information. Because many factors can alter specifics for a day's plan, schedule details for the day's run will be emailed to "Relayers" the day before (starting point, ending point, start time, etc.) See the map below for a rough idea of where we plan to be on a given day.

We can help with transportation to and from the Parkway if you plan to start at the beginning and run to the end of the day's run. If you plan to run only a portion of the day, you'll need to arrange for someone to bring you and/or pick you up.

Ray loves to run with other people. He's normally a "I'll run your pace (as long as I'm able)" kind of runner. However, in this case, Ray has to run his pace in order to remain healthy and complete the event. Ray's best marathon was 3 hours 22 minutes, last year (7:43 min/mile pace); however, this event is not a race. We'll be running 9 min/mile and slower, taking breaks at least every 4-5 miles for water/fuel, and pausing for photos, attractions or whatever we feel like pausing for. He'll walk at times, particularly steep sections. We need "Relayers" to be flexible--you'll be there for a day; Ray has 469 miles to run!

And... Ray is a Certified RRCA Running Coach. He's run 10 marathons. His first was in December 2009 after losing 75 pounds that year. He'll talk "running" if you like.

Rough Estimate for Where Ray Will Be
Each Day on the Blue Ridge Parkway